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Tear Trough Filler for Sunken Eye Appearance

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Dark under-eye circles and baggy eyes are a common concern of many women regardless of the age. The deformation of the tear trough is not a question of the age but rather a genetic one. You may be prone to dark circles and bags under eyes and have them practically since childhood. Some are born with a lack of fat in the under-eye area and a very shallow bone structure. Fatigue or an unhealthy way of life aren’t the primary reasons for sunken eyes. A lot depends on the face construction and skin complexion. 

Because the skin is much thinner in this area, the effects of aging appear sooner under the eyes than on other areas of the face. Blood-vessels showing through the skin darkens the under-eye area. However, we know how to combat tear trough imperfections in a New York minute. 


Causes of tear trough deformations:
• Genetics
• Improper facial care
• Lack of sleep and rest
• Strenuous work
• Loss of the under-eye fat
• Aging 

Tear Trough Treatments
Nowadays there are plenty of ways to treat the tear trough problems. Modern cosmetology and plastic surgery offer the following methods:

• Preventative Treatments
• Mesotherapy
• Tear Trough Fillers
• Surgery

In our clinic, we strive to get rid of surgical treatment. Dermal Fillers are innovative methods in the modern cosmetology. But still not all dermal fillers available on the market can be used for treating tear trough imperfections. We provide a revolutionary means that can banish bags and dark circles within 10 minutes. Are you surprised and can’t believe it? Just try our tear through filler and knock seven years off with one procedure.


One injection of the tear trough filler is enough to:

• Zap bags under the eyes
• Combat the wrinkles
• Knock a couple of years and feel younger
• Add some volume to the under-eye area


The procedure takes nearly 30 minutes. The results are instant and can last up to 12 months. No downtime is needed after the procedure. You can return to your daily activities shortly after the injection. The injection may cause minor side-effects such as redness, swelling, and tenderness. They will disappear within a couple of days. Sometimes you may need more than one filler injection to achieve the desired results. 

With our innovative tear trough fillers, your dark circles and bags under eyes will disappear within mere minutes.

Book your appointment right now to enjoy your life without eye bags and dark circles.

We use TEOXANE, Teosyal Redensity 2 with FMC (fine micro cannula).

The filler lasts depending on individual’s body metabolism and lifestyle

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