8 Point Dermal filler facelift

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The 8 point lift is an advanced method of facial contouring that refers to 4 injection sites for enhancing midface volume and lift, and 4 injection sites in the lower face for polishing and smoothing lines and creases in the nasolabial and perioral areas.


This method works very nicely for most people because it addresses 2 key aspects of facial aging:


1. Midface volume loss- cheek descent and deflation

2. Creases and lines and shadows in the mid and lower face


This balanced approach provides a safe, natural and durable rejuvenation. With proper injection technique and placement, the fillers do not migrate from the original sites of placement.


Is the 8 Point Lift right for me?

If you are over the age of 35, especially if you have started to notice your face drooping or sagging, it is likely that you will be a good candidate for this technique.  If you have more severe laxity, a good result is still possible, but more filler and possibly some different techniques may be required for best results.


After cleansing the skin, your doctor will inject small amounts of dermal filler to 8 strategic points on your face. The needle used is extremely fine and most clients experience only minimal discomfort.

The entire 8 Point Lift treatment takes about 45 minutes. The results will be instantly visible and will settle down a little over 2-3 days.

Following the treatment there may be minimal redness. Bruising is uncommon. There is no downtime and clients continue with their normal day.


The 8 point lift does not include lips and eyelids injections.

The filler lasts depending on individual’s body metabolism and lifestyle