The Hyfrecator is a form of electrosurgery in which current is used to heat up tissue and thereby destroy them. It is a low power device and not meant for precise cutting but works very well for destroying small warts, skin tags, red skin spots (cherry angiomas) and sun spots. The depth of the burn is very shallow and a protective crust protects the underlying skin during healing preventing problems like redness and pigmentation - therefore for superficial lesions like skin tags, small moles, flat brown spots and red spots it is one of the best treatment modalities.

Red spots occur after ever case of mole removal. This is normal and is the skin making new vasculature to heal the area. The healing process continues for several months but the red spots usually clear within 6-months. Sun protection is extremely important during this phase. 

There is always a risk of having permanent mark or raised scar after the treatment.

Mole/Wart/Mille/Skin tags removal

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