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Mole/Wart/Mille/Skin tags removal

Your skin lesion can be removed by a technique called Hyfrecation, which is an application of heat energy to the area using a special machine called a Hyfrecator. It destroys the small skin lesions and leaves a superficial burn which may swell and look unsightly.

Don't worry as this is its transient natural progression, and will settle. A scab may form - don't disturb it as healing is progressing underneath it. If a scab has formed, it will fall off after a week or so.


Please keep the area dry for about 36 hours following the procedure. After this, you can gently wash the area, to keep it clean, and moisturising it, which helps it to heal the shaved area with minimal or no scarring. You can do this by applying a moisturising cream, (any good preparation used for daily skin care) to the area. Alternatives are pure white soft paraffin BP or Vaseline, - both available from Chemists. You should continue moisturising the area for a good 6 months if at all possible.


After the area has healed (normally 1-3 weeks), instead of using a moisturising cream, you could apply Silicone, in the form of a gel or patches to the area. These can be purchased from large chemists, e.g. Boots which makes their own brand labelled Scar Reduction Pad. Other brands are Elastoplast Scar reduction Patches and Cica-Care made by Smith and Nephew. Dermatix is a gel which is easy to apply and dries to simulate a patch. The longer the patch stays in contact with the shaved area the better the result. Please read the instructions on the packets.


Another important measure is to avoid exposing the area to the sun - for at least three (or preferably six) months after the operation. If you wish you can cover the "scar" with skin coloured micropore adhesive tape (available from chemists) to protect it from the sun.

Usually the area heals without visible scarring, but sometimes it may discolour a little. It may take up to a month or six weeks to heal properly. You can't judge the final cosmetic result until a whole year has passed.


There is always a risk of having permanent mark or raised scar after the treatment.

Price for 3 moles/skin tags checking and removal: £480

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