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The ELITESKIN provides effective Botulinum toxin, commonly known as anti-wrinkle, injections to help reduce excessive sweating.

This procedure is also known as hyperhidrosis treatment. All treatments are carried out by an experienced, excessive sweating specialist doctor in our Clinic.
When severe sweating gets in the way of certain daily activities and antiperspirants are not working, you may be a suitable candidate for the Botulinum toxin treatment. The body areas that can commonly experience over active sweat glands are: the under arms, palms, feet and forehead.
Botulinum toxin is approved in the UK to treat the symptoms of severe underarm sweating when medicines used on the skin (topical) do not work well enough. Botulinum toxin is injected into the affected areas to help control this condition by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands do not receive chemical signals, the severe sweating stops.

What is Botulinum toxin?
Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by the the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It relaxes muscle by temporary block nerve impulses to the injected muscles. This reduces muscle activity that causes lines and wrinkles.
The cosmetic effect of Botulinum toxin was first documented as early as 1989 and was approved for treatment in 2002. It is now regular used by many, both male and female, as it is less intrusive and less artificial in appearance, than traditional form of treatment such as plastic surgery.
Which areas can be treated?
-Palms and fingers
-Face including forehead, nose
-Head or scalp area
The procedure:
Prior the treatment: Local Anaesthetic (numbing) cream can be applied to the area for 30 minutes before although some patients prefer not to use this and opt for an ice pack to numb the area instead. Many patients do not require either. Please be advised that for underarm treatments, we will require the area to be freshly shaved or the hairs to be trimmed to a length of 1cm long.
The treatment: The actual procedure takes about 20 to 25 minutes and is relatively straightforward. A series of small Botulinum toxin injections are injected to the relevant areas through a very fine needle.
Post treatment: Simply avoid touching, rubbing or applying anything on the treated area for 4 hours to prevent infection and spreading of the medicine. Also, it is recommended not to exercise for 24 hours after the procedure. Specific instructions will be given to you on the day of treatment.
When will I start feeling the results and how long does it last?
You will start noticing and feeling the results at about 1-2 weeks after the treatment.
The results will last from 3 to 6 months. Your symptoms will return gradually, and you will know when the time is right for another treatment.
It is recommended to have the treatment every 3-6 months to receive the best possible results. A plan for regular follow-up treatments to maintain the initial result can be created for you.
What if I decide to stop having the treatment?
If you decide not to have further treatment, your sweating will gradually return to its pre-treated state. The effects of the treatment will gradually wear off, and your underarm sweating will resume.
Where does the sweat go?
Your sweat doesn’t go anywhere or get backed up because the sweat simply is not produced in the treated areas. Remember, the rest of your body is free to produce moisture normally.
Is the treatment right for me?
When antiperspirants can not control symptoms of your severe sweating, Botulinum toxin injection may be able to help. Our specialist doctor can help you to decide if this treatment is right for you.
In order to make the right treatment decision, you should tell your doctor about all of your medical conditions. This includes allergies to any botulinum toxin product, any side effects from any botulinum toxin products in the past, whether you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant (it is not known if Botulinum toxin can harm your unborn baby), if you are breast-feeding or plan to breastfeed (It is not known if Botulinum toxin passes into breast milk) and all of the medicines you currently take. This includes prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins and herbal products.

Why should I have the treatment at ELITESKIN?
1. SPECIALIST DOCTOR: You will be treated by one of the UK’s leading cosmetic doctors who are highly experienced in the treatment procedure.
2. SERVICE & CARE: We pride ourselves on patient care and experience, therefore, our experienced team will ensure that your visit and treatment is as informative, comfortable and professional as possible.
3. CLINIC LOCATION: The treatment is carried out at our clinic in the heart of London.
4. HIGH PATIENT SATISFACTION: Our patients are very happy with their results resulting in many returning to have additional areas. We also have many that recommend friends and family to the clinic.
5. PREMIUM MEDICATION: We use only premium products for the treatment.

Standard Price List*

* Note: These are standard prices and are subject to individual requirement and promotions. You will be made fully aware of the total cost following a free, medical consultation.
We offer expert treatments at competitive prices and a free, medical consultation appointment to discuss your suitability. 

Results can last 3-8 months depending on body's metabolism and individual lifestyle.

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