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About Us

We hire only highly qualified registered doctors.




The Clinic Manager

BSc (Hons)

George, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of the clinic. With a dedicated focus on delivering the highest standards of customer care, George oversees day-to-day activities. He coordinates closely with the medical staff and administrative teams to create a welcoming and efficient environment for patients and visitors. He ensures that the entire team is aligned in providing personalized and attentive care to meet the unique needs of each patient. 

Dr Katerina.jpg

Medical Director


Dr. Katerina, a senior doctor with a background in General Practice and training at Imperial College London, offers advanced global aesthetic services, including for Royalty. Grounded in expertise in general medicine and aesthetics, her compassionate care meets the highest standards. Registered with the GMC, she guides clients for personalized aesthetic enhancement and specific medical needs. Dr. Katerina also manages our Cyprus branch, extending her commitment to excellence internationally

Maria photo.jpg

 Dr Maria

Senior aesthetic Doctor


Dr. Maria, an advanced doctor with a NARIC-accredited Level 7 diploma in Medicine, stands out as one of the best dermal filler injectors, earning the title of "Lip Queen" for her exceptional expertise. Award-winning and dedicated, Dr. Maria is renowned for delivering top-notch aesthetic services, specializing in the art of dermal fillers and lip enhancement. Her accolades underscore her commitment to excellence in providing high-quality aesthetic care

Mr Jelloo.jpg

 Dr Mohammed 

Aesthetic Doctor

Masters in Aesthetics 

Dr. Mohammed is an aesthetic doctor with a Master's degree, bringing a high level of expertise to the field of aesthetic medicine. With his advanced education, he is well-equipped to provide specialized and professional care in various aesthetic procedures. Dr. Mohammed is committed to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals through a combination of knowledge, skill, and a personalized approach to treatment.


 Dr Lydia 

Aesthetic Doctor


Dr. Lydia is a distinguished professional in the realm of aesthetic medicine and surgery. Holding dual roles as both an aesthetic doctor and surgeon, she seamlessly integrates her medical expertise into a specialized focus on aesthetic procedures. Dr. Lydia is dedicated to delivering outstanding results, employing surgical techniques to enhance the aesthetic appearance of her patients. 

photo_2024-03-27 13.15.06.jpeg

Dr Shahe

Vascular and Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Shahe, MD, MSc, MRCS, FEVS, brings over 20 years of unparalleled expertise in vascular and plastic surgery, both in private practice and the public sector. Renowned for his dedication to safety and patient welfare, Dr. Shahe specializes in a range of niche procedures, each tailored to deliver exceptional results.


Client Relations





General Administrator

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