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Profhilo Skin Booster London

Beautiful Skin

Introducing Elite Skin Rejuvenation with PROFHILO

Unveil the epitome of age-defying beauty with our exclusive PROFHILO injectable treatment, proudly offered at Elite Skin Clinic. Harnessing the latest in anti-aging innovation, PROFHILO redefines skincare, revitalizing your complexion with unparalleled precision. Our esteemed clinic nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, London, welcomes you to indulge in a transformative experience crafted by seasoned experts.

Why Choose PROFHILO?

PROFHILO stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the skincare realm, boasting an unrivaled concentration of Hyaluronic Acid. This potent formulation not only replenishes moisture but also orchestrates a symphony of skin tightening, addressing laxity at its core.

Tailored for You

Embark on a journey to rediscover youthful radiance with PROFHILO, tailored to cater to a spectrum of concerns:

  • Eradicate smokers' lines and fine mouth creases.

  • Banish under-eye wrinkles and delicate eye area lines.

  • Restore vitality to crepey neck skin and wrinkled cheeks.

  • Revitalize weary hands plagued by crepey texture.

The PROCEDURE Unveiled


Prior Preparations:

Indulge in comfort as a topical anaesthetic swathes your skin, ensuring a serene prelude to your rejuvenation journey.


The Artistry Unfolds:

Under the discerning gaze of our specialist doctors, embark on a bespoke treatment journey. Through meticulous assessment and comprehensive consultation, we ensure every step aligns with your unique needs and aspirations.

With precision akin to an artist's brushstroke, PROFHILO is delicately infused into targeted zones using the Bio Aesthetic Points technique (BAP). This method, a testament to our commitment to excellence, ensures maximal diffusion and efficacy.


Post Proclamation:

Step into the realm of post-treatment bliss, guided by our expert counsel. Adorn your skin with patience as it adjusts to newfound vitality, refraining from makeup application for six hours to safeguard against unwelcome guests.

Embrace the journey as transient bumps bid adieu, paving the path for a smoother, resplendent visage. Delve into the nuances of post-treatment care under the nurturing guidance of our Clinic Coordinator.

Illuminate Your Path to Beauty

Discover the allure of PROFHILO before and after transformations. Navigate the labyrinth of reviews, unraveling tales of rejuvenation. Delve into the depths of skincare wisdom, contrasting PROFHILO with Seventy Hyal. Uncover the essence of PROFHILO's efficacy, illuminating the duration of its transformative embrace. Elevate your skincare odyssey with PROFHILO, a beacon of excellence in the realm of skin rejuvenation. Join us in sculpting a canvas of timeless beauty, one injection at a time.

Book your appointment today and unveil the masterpiece within. Experience PROFHILO, where elegance meets efficacy, and beauty knows no bounds.

PROFHILO: Redefining Beauty, Reshaping Lives. 

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